I have come to the realisation that I feel the need to write when things are not going so good. I must need to get my frustrations, my sad, my unhappy in print and maybe it is the outlet I need. When I first started my blog I had this intense need to just get it out and maybe I also think I needed some validation. I needed to know I wasn’t the only betrayed spouse out there. I needed to feel that my emotions were validated. When life is running smooth I just coast along trying to live with gratitude and a more positive outlook on the shit that has happened. The shit that I married. The shit that I ignored. Shit happens in life.

It is what it is and how I live through it will be how I go forward each day.

From time to time when I think about the past five years I know that I have done a lot of work on how I perceive life. I feel I used to be so vulnerable and naive. I feel I was looking at life in a simple immature shallow way. Infidelity has made me wake the fuck up. It has made me face the worst fears. It has brought me to the slippery edge of pure despair. It has made me revalue everything in my life. It was like a huge giant wake the fuck up call. As horrible as it was I have gained a better understanding of my life and how I want to live it.


First time since the infidelity branch nearly crushed me to death I visited with my in laws. I never thought I would. If you had asked me four years ago if I would see them again it was a definite NO. They live thirty travel hours away so it isn’t something easily done. It also wasn’t easy to do. It was way harder than I thought. I am not as tough as I thought I was.

My mother in law sees her son as the most wonderful person in the world. He is the golden child. The beacon of integrity on a pedestal of pure gold. The wonder child. The clever one. Blah blah blah….she was always telling me how lucky I was to marry him. I always bit my tongue. Over the years something has shifted and even though she knows nothing of his infidelity I suspect she knows that something big had happened. She will never let on and in true British style she will ignore anything too close to emotions. For the first three years after the big reveal of his arsehole behaviour I stopped writing or calling her. I just could not trust myself. I knew that if I was in a certain mood and she told me once again how wonderful her son was then I would most likely tell her just how disgusting he was.

It was decided by my husband and his sister and his brother not to tell their mother just how much of an arsehole her golden boy really was. The family had decided she would not cope with the news very well and that she really did not need to know. I was on board with that but of course it meant that conversations with her were going to be very difficult as I was very angry and sad for those first few years.

The one good thing that came from this was that Husband was made to realise just who had been doing the hard work of letter writing, birthday cards, Christmas presents and phone calls for the past thirty years and that if he was to maintain a relationship with his parents then HE would have to do the work. He actually started to make an effort and has maintained communications very well. Good for him! Old chap!

So, back to the visit and the inevitable conversations about how wonderful wonderboy is and in just about one conversation per day she would comment on how wonderboy is wearing a wedding ring. It was a statement and she wasn’t looking for a reply or comment. She would just make a statement. I did my very best and in fact I think I deserve a medal as I negotiated my way through her declarations of his highness the wonderboy. Meanwhile wonderboy did acknowledge to me several times during our stay how difficult it must be for me to listen to this. For that I was grateful.

On our last night there mother in law looks at my left hand ( I have not worn a wedding ring since feb 2014 …in fact I have lost it…ooops) and does not ask me but makes a statement at me. ‘ Not bothering with a wedding ring then’ It was not a question. I just sipped my wine.

So……part two

My brother in law married for the first time two years ago. I have spoken with new wife on the phone a few times and she seems lovely. I have never seen a photograph of her. This is a family who do not believe in modern technology. It is a bit common and crass. No one even has a smart phone let alone god forbid internet or Netflix or an iPad. I guess we are lucky they have the phone as in land line and yes…letters to them are posted….in a letterbox….

So, I have never met my new sister in law. I had no idea what she looked like but she sounded friendly and kind so I was looking forward to meeting her.


When she walked through the door and started to unwrap all her winter gear I nearly fainted. I don’t know how I got through the next ten minutes because I was in a state of shock. She is the spitting image of one of husbands whores…right down to the short red hair….the same colouring…..I could have sworn it was the whore. The same build…the same shaped face. The same pale skin colour….but it wasn’t. But it just threw me. I could not talk for a bit. The shock really hit me. I started to get a bit panicky. She even wore the same weird bulky jewellery. What the fuck is this? I really cannot describe what I was living through at the time but it just stopped me functioning.

I sat and started working on the thoughts racing through my head. I knew Husband had met the new wife before she was a wife as he had visited on his own a few years back. Did he not realise at the time that intended new wife looked just like his current whore? Did he not think it was weird? I had not met whore in person as I had just seen the photos he had of her that were on his phone. Maybe in real life they did not look alike. I don’t know. I didn’t ask H. I had decided that I will just bury this all for a bit. I will let this pass. I won’t cause an argument or have the discussion that will be upsetting for everyone. I will just dwell on it and think about it all. Hence I am writing in my blog.

There will be a day ……coming up soon ……where I will ask the question……….


Been a while….

I think I only write when I am seriously pissed off and I suspect I have been feeling very zen for a while now and hence no posts.

I do think about writing a post now and then but when all I have to say is things are going well then I think that is a bit boring. I still follow betrayed blogs and I feel a connection with every one out there who has dealt with this trauma. It is a shit of a way to learn your partner is a fucktard and a lying cheating arsehole. It sucks. I love to read how betrayed spouses are slowly getting their lives back whether they stayed or kicked them out. Neither path is easy as I am learning. Both roads have their potholes.

I look back on the last four and half years and I can sum it up like this.

First year was a haze of anger, disbelief, Trickle truth, sadness, hatred of the many OW. There was so much strong hatred and so much anger.

Second year was not that good either. It was maybe a bit more accepting of this shit has happened and what am I really going to do about it. Will I stay and believe the bastard or should I just go and start my life afresh? I was still angry and still looking for the big WHY.

Third year things shifted. We moved to a new town and a new house. It was a forced move due to his employment. At first I thought this is the opportunity for me to stay behind and he can go on his own. We battled this out for a month or so…I was going with him…I wasn’t going with him. In the end I must have had a good day and I decided to pack my bags and go with him. It has been a total sea change. By sea change we moved from the coast to the outback. Crazy?  I think in many way ways it has helped both of us heal.

Year Four has been a lot happier and more at peace within myself. I have found an acceptance of what happened. No Longer do I have uncontrollable moods of anger or sadness. We both can talk freely of our emotions and feelings and I know he can understand what hell life has been because of his stupid dumb choices.

Life in a tiny little isolated town has taught us a lot of things. One of the big lessons is that we have been removed from the continual triggers that followed me around every corner and that has really helped. We are building new fresh memories and experiences as we look for adventures confined to this part of the world. We actually find ourselves having fun and laughing a lot which at the same time is bringing us closer together. I look at it as a shared adventure.

He has had a GIANT shift and change in his outlook of life. He is constantly questioning himself both in work life and home life. It is no longer all about him. His selfish immaturity is what made him behave like a loser fucktard. He looks back on his behaviour with great shame and remorse. He can see how pathetic his thinking was. He can see how he has come a long way from where he was. He hates who he was. He hates how he thought the way he did. He hates everything about himself during those years.

Just now we have returned from a health retreat set in a mountainous sub tropical rain forest pocket. It rained the whole time we were there. We endured icky leeches and aggressive snakes but it was so beautiful that none of that mattered.

One day there was a talk given about life and it stresses and how we can choose to navigate ourselves through those times. As I sat listening to the facilitator talk about how people can easily choose the wrong path in life I looked to H to see how he was taking all of this in. The talk was like a blow-by-blow account of how H had lived his life prior to D Day. It laid it all out there in every stupid choice we might possibly make.  It was explained in great detail and horror. The example the speaker was giving was like he was reading the life of H. H  sat and took it all in. He reached across to take my hand and he had tears in his eyes. He mouthed ‘sorry’ to me. H tells me he is sorry for his behaviour quite often and often out of the blue but sitting there and listening to the speaker and knowing it has really and truly sunk into H’s mindset was reassuring.

Another day I was sitting on a log waiting for my turn to zip line down a mountain and I started a conversation with an energetic fit 80yr old woman called Betty. She asked me if I thought it was possible that people could change. She said in her 80 years she had not found any examples of people she knew making real changes in their lives. I knew she really liked my H and they seemed to get on really well. He was often teasing her about coming from New Zealand. It is a ‘thing’ the battle of the Australians and the New Zealanders. They can have Russell Crowe back etc. H mixed well with everyone on this retreat. There were 16 women and 7 men so we often found ourselves at a table with mostly women. H likes to chat and is interested in people and so he comes across as very friendly. I know for a fact this was how he engaged women in the past and how easy it was for him to just take it one step further…..but I digress.

I said to Betty that I have witnessed a true change in a person. I told her about a man I knew who was a selfish entitled arrogant arsehole pig of a man. A man who lied and cheated but who on the outside appeared quite pleasant. A man who had no time for his children who felt burdened by having a family. A man who sought instant gratification with many women. A man who was deeply unhappy yet was not emotionally intelligent enough to work out why he felt like he felt. A man who was so arrogant he thought fault lay with everyone else in the world. A man who was stuck in a 10 year old boy who sulked. A man who with a big wake up call was able to start redefining himself as a person. He was slowly making the change and able to see who he was. What he saw was enough to make him want to change and to become a person he had always wanted to be. To be a person in TRUTH and HONESTY and WISDOM.

I told Betty that person was H. The man that she thought was just lovely. Well, she nearly fell off the log and she looked at me with wonder. She simply would not believe at first but then it slowly dawned on her that true change can happen but only if one really wants to change. If one can honestly see who they are and realise they are not nice. If they have the intellect to truly look at themselves and judge without prejudice and then have the ability to want to change and to do the work to become a better human being then it can happen. Betty was amazed to find out that the H that was there with us was a man capable of doing what he did.

On the last day a beautiful lady at the retreat came up to H and I and told us that she is going to go home and treat her partner much better after seeing H and I together. That comment hit home for me and gave me reassurance that I had made the right choice to stay and work on this relationship. There is kindness, respect and peace now within our relationship and to have it felt and viewed by others came as a surprise.

If you can, I suggest a retreat from the world we live in as a reset button to throw us back on a mindful healthy existence. We had no phones, no internet, no TV, no sugar, no coffee, no grains, plenty of whole foods, yoga, sauna,spa treatments,gym,bush walking, hill climbs,kayaking, wellness talks, challenges to take you from your comfort zone, music, laughter and just a complete rejuvenation.






Last year H and I visited the country where my parents were born and where they lived until WW2 disrupted them.

It was so wonderful to experience the language of my upbringing as well as the customs in real emmersion. Even though I was born and brought up in Australia the traditions of my heritage were kept close. I went to Latvian Saturday school. I went to Latvian Brownies and Guides and I played for the Latvian basketball team from age 10 to my twenties. Summers were spent at Latvian camps where we were not allowed to speak English and most of my friends were Latvian.

I remember my parents feeling a bit sad that I married an Englishman and saying I would lose my traditions if I did not nurture them. I did not nurture them and for that I am really sad. I do remember my first born daughter not sleeping well and I would sing her the only lullaby I knew which was in Latvian. I used to feel self conscious about that and I just do not know why. It is almost as though I was embarassed to be different.

As my daughters grew up I tried hard to celebrate certain Latvian traditions but I really do not think I tried hard enough. For that I am sorry. They both have Latvian traditional jewellery that they wear but neither really knows too much about Latvia.

Before our trip last year H surprised me by trying to learn the language. It is one of the oldest and more difficult languages to learn and he did a wonderful job learning his vocabulary and use of verbs. When we stayed in hotels and the staff would speak to us in English I would ask that they only speak Latvian to us. I was so pleased to share my love of everything Latvian for the first time with my H.

He fell in love with the country. He adored the capital city with its cobbled streets and art deco buildings and getting out into the countryside was even more spectacular with forests of birch and pine and beautiful villages and coastlines. The country has done so much restoration since escaping soviet rule that it was hard not to love everything.


H fell in love with everything. He loved the beer, he loved the food, he loved the nightlife, he loved the flowers, he loved the ballet, he loved our hotel, he loved the markets, he just loved every single aspect of everything and I just loved that he loved it.


The trip to Latvia was something I had been wanting to do for a long time but it was a trip that previous to D Day he threw on the back burner because his list of countries to visit was a priority over mine. Even at the times when we were visiting his family in the UK and I mentioned I might duck to Germany to see my Aunt or even visit Latvia it was met with constraint by him and seemed just too hard to start arguing. Just before D Day my two girlfriends were talking about the three of us going there as one of them had already been and wanted to go again. Well, that trip never eventuated.

I better get back to the subject of why I wrote this post and that is I had my DNA tested for ancestry and it appears my roots are well and truly Latvian with a tiny 4% Finnish thrown in. Good to know. I was dissing Russians whilst in Latvia. I don”t know, there is something about them that just annoyed me. They appear rude and arrogant and pushy as well as loud and overbearing and they smoke and throw their butts on the ground. Seriously?????…in a beautiful cobbled street? Who does that? Anyway as our sightseeing progressed and we visited museums and galleries I would often get into a conversation with the people working there. They were fascinated with meeting Australian Latvians and hearing how we worked hard to keep traditions alive in a foreign country and they would then start on dissing Russia and Russians. It was all very interesting but soon I could feel I was thinking about Russia just like them. Before I sent off my DNA I was hoping I did not have any Russian in me….so phew….a great sense of relief when I got the results.

H enjoyed teasing me about my ‘possible’Russian heritage as my father was actually born in Russia. It was Russia on his birth certificate but the borders were forever changing and it is now Latvia. Anyway, last laugh on him. He was told by his father that he was of Scandinavian descent. Sadly his DNA shows British Isles 90% and France 10%.

Every  Sunday H makes me a Latvian breakfast. We have to travel 2 hrs every month to get the food as it is a special hot smoked salmon he serves warm with a dill sauce. There is what we call Rupju maize which is a dark heavy rye bread ( which I make ) A boiled egg, some special smoked ham and a mild cheese scoffed down with a glass of kefir and followed by a good coffee.


We are heading back to Latvia at the end of the year to see the city in snow and lights and bringing my youngest daughter with us. She is excited to see the sights and being a foodie she is going to have a ball eating everything. We have even planned to spend a greater length of time in Latvia, perhaps a year or two somewhere down the track.  I wish my parents had got to see how their country has been restored. They never wanted to visit because they said it would have been too sad to see soviet life everywhere.


Another year gone……wow!

Where does it go? It is now four years since I discovered my husband was not the man who I thought he was. This past year has been a lot easier than the previous three years. This is not to say it is all fairy lights and unicorns and pixie dust. If life were like that then it would be pretty boring as I have always felt we need the good and bad times and especially the bad times to appreciate the good.

One of the many things I am grateful for is that H has not stopped working to better himself. In the past year he has not wavered. He has been relentless in learning empathy and I see examples of his understanding his new thought patterns in every day situations. It is like he always knew what the right to do was but his selfishness and self righteous attitude would win over him. I did not really see this side of him as it was what he kept secret and hidden from me. All of what I saw in him never made me think he was a lying cheating arsehole.

So, how do I know he is not still the same man? How do I know he is just not better at hiding ? We are more connected and closer than we have ever been. When I really think about it I can appreciate the effort he is putting in every single minute and I see it in everything he does. I can feel he thinks of others first and foremost. He is even starting to do things without thinking and it just feels at times like it is the natural thing for him to do. There is no hidden agenda.

How do I know he really and truly changing and evolving? For the past four years I have watched every interaction he makes with others, I listen to his comments on life, I notice how  he reacts with family and I can see how open he is with his feelings and I can refer back to the H of pre discovery and note the change. It is almost similar to watching your children grow up. I am watching my H become more mature and a nicer human.

On the occasion that his infidelity is brought to light I see the remorse in his eyes. I see how sad his past makes him feel. I see how shameful he feels. He tells me he hates who he was. He can’t even look at old photos as he says it makes him feel so much hate for the man in them.

He is more than happy to look back on memories of the past four years and enjoy those photos even though the first two years were filled with struggles, anger, sadness and uncertainty. The past two years have seen a lessening of those aspects and have been a positive rebuilding experience. It has been a long and winding and bumpy road but it has been forged with strength and conviction from us both.

eden 1

In looking back I feel that yoga has played a large part in helping him heal. Where once he would make fun of my yoga (which I have been doing for over 15 yrs)  now he has a completely different opinion of it. I hear him in conversations explaining how he has benefited from the practice and his enjoyment of many aspects. Pre discovery he would never have come on a yoga retreat with me but now it is a yearly event on our calendar where we spend a week reconnecting our bodies and our minds and our spirits. We both love that feeling of working our bodies hard, sleeping so well and eating light and clean and loving the fresh rainforests, the bird life, early mornings, early nights and waking feeling so refreshed. It is well worth the 1000 km drive to get to our rainforest sanctuary to revitalise ourselves.

eden 3

I have always done some form of charity work or volunteering but since retiring and moving from the city to this small little outback town I was having some trouble finding something to do. I found it hard at first because my normal Avenue when in a new place is to make friends through my children, their schools and activities. Without my children I did not know where to start but slowly over the last year it seems to have fallen in place. It is a funny little town and newcomers are not really made to feel welcome because we are associated with the mine and we are classified as itinerants and not locals. I have slowly infused myself into the community and met some really wonderful people and I am actually starting to feel more at home here and find myself travelling less and less back to the city. Charity work as well as community groups I have joined are giving me a wonderful small town experience and I find myself embracing outback life. Who would have thought?

Wow…….time flies.

So long since I blogged. My computer died and I exist with an iPad. Not so jolly to use….very very slow.

we are still living in the tiny town. We are still together. We did a lot and I mean a lot of talking about his actions with desperate single bitch. While I was gone for months he did a lot of therapy with a great no bullshit therapist.

Since Christmas we seem to be on a vastly different level from where we were when 2016 ended. It feels to me like he is finally accepting his issues. He no longer defends himself and we are able to talk about everything in a much more calm manner. We talk about everything and anything. It has given us freedom from guilt and anger as well which feels like a great constraint has lifted.

sadly I have lost my beautiful border collie who was 14 and still chased a ball like a pup but her time came. Yesterday I lost my 17 yr old three legged black cat whose life was no longer viable. Sometimes I wish I never had pets as they give me such heartache when it is their time to go. On the bright side I have a new kitten, I think she is a rag doll x and she is tiny and cute and I hope to have her for a long time.

vale poppy……vale otta.


i am relearning my native language and it brings with it so many memories of my childhood……the language I spoke as a baby and toddler before learning English from my older sisters. I keep so busy with the garden here where for the first time in years and years I am able to grow roses. I love them.

I catch up a lot with girlfriends and as they live far away it means Travel but who can resist Sydney? I still have frequent trips to go to my home city to see the oncologist etc…….btw 4 years cancer free………


seriously sorry about spelling…grammar etc but iPad hates WordPress for some dumb reason.

He Sucks.

One of the good things about having moved to this desolate part of Oz is that one of my oldest girlfriends lives a mere three hours drive away and in a very beautiful region of this state. Think wineries and foodie restaurants and in winter it is bitter cold. Snow cold. I was dying to visit her as it had been nearly a year since we had seen each other and we had some catching up to do. Husband and I headed over there for a few days.

One morning as we were having breakfast in a beautiful lakeside restaurant my friend looked at me and asked me how am I really doing? I looked at her and thought a moment and then the tears started slowly falling from my eyes. I am fine I tried to reassure her then I started to tell her how much I miss my daughters and my house and my garden and how much of my city life I have given up to accompany the husband to the middle of nowhere. I just had not really given it much thought until that moment but the floodgates opened at this realisation.


That night an unexpected guest arrived at my friend’s house for dinner. I had met her before and knew she was quite a dominating woman who was mainly interested in talking about herself. No sooner had she walked in the door that she announced she was on and elite singles and desperate for a man. Husband sat next to her at dinner and soon they were having an exclusive conversation which carried on THE WHOLE DINNER LONG. Even as my friend and I were clearing the table there sat husband and desperate single female chatting to each other.

At first I was thinking he was just being sociable but then I noticed he was flirty with her, telling her jokes, then arguing about feminism but what really struck me was the exclusiveness. No one else at the table was invited to join their conversation. I started to feel humiliation creep up, I started to feel disrespected. I started to think how the fuck dare he flirt right there in front of me. I got angry and went in the other room at which point she left and then I went to bed.

H comes to bed and realises there is something wrong with me. Really????? Are you fucking serious? I did not want to have an argument with him in my friend’s house so I tossed and turned all night and then woke up early in the morning and decided to leave. We drove three hours home during which time I could not speak to him, nor could I even look at him. All that was going through my mind was that he was a true utter bastard and no idea what he had done to me and was so selfish in his behaviour. What an arsehole!

We got home and I started to pack my clothes and belongings. I also started to tell him why I was so upset and he just started to defend his actions. I even asked him if he got her phone number at which point he just walked out the room. The boundary we had set up was if he fucks up in any way then I am gone. Rules is rules. Trouble is he did not think he had fucked up. He was just chatting to an overbearing woman. His defence at this point was that he had no intention of any liaison with her but she was hard to get away from and that he did not want to hurt her feelings by being rude. ( Of course it was quite alright to hurt my feelings.) For me, it brought back all those feelings of being ignored and disrespected especially if we were out socially and he just had to be the centre of attention with a bunch of women. I would always get pissed off at him and ruin his good fun and no matter how much I told him his flirting hurt me he would argue that it was just harmless socializing and that he could not help it if he got on with women better than men. Fucking Douche. Of course now we both know how that harmless flirt can easily be the first step to something more serious.

He went off to work the next morning and I got into my car and I drove for 11 hours. I  headed home to my house in the city. I cried so much on that drive. I only stopped for fuel. I could not even play any music. I hated what he had so effortlessly done to me and I hated it even more that he was such a retard that he could not even see it.

He has an online therapist. He started to work through what had happened and finally saw that his actions truly sucked. How stupid can he be though?  How could he not see that what he was doing would be perceived by me as a reversion to his old behaviour? How could he not see that to talk exclusively with a single woman at dinner was offensive to me. The trouble is even though he may not have had any future thoughts on this woman his actions to me showed otherwise. I can’t read his mind. I judge by his actions. Where he thought he was being nice and kind to her he did not think how I would be affected. What a fucking idiot.

I was in the city, back in my house and living with my youngest daughter who is house sitting for us. Thank god we kept the house. I could not speak to him. His defence just wore me out. I filed separation papers. It felt good though even though it was quite traumatic. I felt I had to make the stand. For heavens sake, it is two and half years since I found out he was a lying deceitful bastard and I had given him two and a half years of trying to rebuild a shattered marriage and he thoughtlessly in his own innocent mind fucks up. See how it is still all about him first and not a thought given to think about me?

I left to give myself some space. I needed to be away from him distracting me. I needed some time to think. I loved catching up with people and more so with my daughters. My time away was tinged with sadness. No matter how hard I tried to show everyone I was happy and doing the right thing I was deep down suffering sadness and pain and no amount of distraction would help me.

I did however, spend some time at a health and wellness retreat in the gold coast hinterland. It pushed a big reset button for me. It affected me in Mind Body Spirit but my time there deserves a post all of its own. I have been without my computer these past months and I just can’t post on my ipad so I have some catching up to do.

I had stayed away for two months. I am back. He has a lump. He has had ultrasounds, biopsies and now needs surgery. I came back because I know I could not. I came back to help him drive two hours back and forth to the nearest doctor. I came back to hold his hand while we wait for results. I came back because I had a gut feeling he was desolate. I came back because I know he was devastated when I left. I came back to help him.

I do not think I will stay. I will stay long enough to help him after surgery.



Life in a remote part of this huge country is interesting. We have lived in remote towns many times but never a town as small as this. Everyone wants to talk to me, where am I from, what do I do, where do I live, how long will I stay. It is so different from the city where no one gives a care or even notices you. I find it a little invasive but not in a bad way.

I know I will have some issues when the newness wears off but I will maintain to choose to take life with a more grateful attitude. Each and every day. My new house is so small and there is no garden but on the upside I have less to clean and I will grow things in pots. I miss my volunteer work with horses and disabled kids but I will find something just as rewarding here….I hope. I miss my yoga community so much but I find I am getting mindful meditation from yoga practice on my own. I miss my daughters but we speak and text and snapchat every day and when I do go back to the city next month we will have some good quality time hanging out.

I was just thinking this morning about missing some of my friends and suddenly remembered an incident that happened just as we were leaving. It was a comment from a really lovely lady who was more of an acquaintance than a friend and when I told her we were leaving town she said she will miss seeing me and that she will also miss my H because she has a huge crush on him. She then went on to say how boring and serious her husband is and that whenever she sees my H he is always friendly and smiling and loving and she thinks he is so funny. Really? Really? Really? It floored me. Is it that easy for him? Must be……I guess ……because he is no tall handsome devil, he is short, he is cute and I guess he is friendly and funny and maybe that is all that it takes.

So then I start to think, sometimes this is not a good thing but today I think it is therapeutic.

H catches the mine bus to work every morning. There are two busses. One is for the miners and one is for the admin staff. H catches the admin bus and they have an hour trip to the mine site. There are a lot of women on the bus. ( whore lizard was a bus friend) H also works in a very close knit team of three people. They are the exploration team and spend hours together either in the office or out in the field. One of the team is a young woman. (H has had crushes and an affair and attempts at affairs with colleagues.)

I was thinking how nonchalant I feel about these situations. I actually do not give a damn about his close proximity to females.  So this leads me to wondering why I don’t feel an instant dread or threat or a trigger….why? Could it be that I trust him?  Bhahahaha……no, I don’t think so. I don’t think I will ever trust him.

So what is it? What makes me feel like this?